The Special Occasions List

What is it?

The Special Occasions List is a prepaid service option that makes sure you never forget another important birthday or anniversary again..

How does it work?

You provide me with a list of important birthdays and anniversaries, along with a few details about the intended recipients and any preferences or special requests,  and I will make a personalised card  for each occasion on your list.

What special occasions list options are there?

Option 1:

I make the cards on a month by month basis and send them to you in batches in plenty of  time for you to write and post them on to the intended recipients.  Option 1 comes to you in a handy organiser wallet in order of due date.

Option 2:

I make each card as it falls due and send it out to you  at least 7 days before  the occasion date. Each card will be delivered in a protective polybag.

Option 3:

I make each card as it falls due and send it direct to the intended recipient on your behalf with your personal message included. I will also send  a copy of the card as an email attachment to your email address.

What type of cards are included in the Special Occasions List Service?

Any card for any occasion can be provided as part of this service. I appreciate that in the course of an average calendar year, a  person will buy cards for adults and children, some they know well, others not so well. We can discuss your specific requirements and offer style and design suggestions where needed. I can incorporate favourite colours and themes and can design a card to suit many lifestyles, occupations, hobbies or interests. I can personalise cards with names and dates if required.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each Special Occasions List will vary according the number and type of cards chosen.

Card costs depend on a number of factors, primarily

  • size of card chosen
  • the style and complexity of the card design
  • the materials used

Please contact me  to discuss your Special Occasions List requirements.